This is the number one question we receive as real estate professionals.

The truth is, if you are waiting for the perfect time based on the market, that time is subjective.

The best answer is when you need to buy or sell.

Here are a few scenarios to explain

If you own a home with quite a bit of equity but you are struggling to make the payments and credit card debt is piling up, that would be a great time to sell.  Selling will help you to get your finances under control. Starting over with a clean financial slate can be liberating!

If you are currently renting and paying almost as much as a house payment that would be a great time to buy.  Regardless of the interest rate, you would be gaining equity. Interest rates fluctuate and at some point in the future, you would be able to refinance. Owning your home opens up so many options that you do not have while renting.



There are so many different scenarios but the most important is yours! Call us today to discuss your options! We love to help people realize their dreams and solve their problems. When you are ready to buy or sell, we are ready to help!